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 In 1976, a sole proprietorship to provide public services and customs clearance has been established by Mohammad Ahmed Al Othman, and by the grace of God, the Foundation obtained contracts from Philip Holzman, which was implementing five hospital projects for the Ministry of Health in addition to Ministry of Defense building and the military hospital contracts, where the institution cleared and transported all goods for the company, the corporation also obtained a contract to clear and transport goods from the Korean company Yoon to King Fahd Airport in Dammam.

A huge point of business shift has occurred, from a sole proprietorship to a solidarity company between Mr. Mohamed Al-Othman and Mr. Abdul Rahman Al-Othman in 1978 AD, the Mohamed Ahmed Al-Othman name was now legally known known as Mohamed & Abdul Rahman Al-Othman Co.  

The company continued its logistical work in clearance and transportation contracts for goods and with perseverance and commitment in the implementation of contracts. It also obtained several transport and clearance contracts from dealers and factories such as the electrical generator factory and the iron factory. A contract was signed to transfer the ingots from the iron factory in Jubail to the iron rolling mill in Jeddah.

It is worth noting that ALOTHMAN Co., in its beginnings of its business of transportation used to rent subcontractors of transport vehicles, and within two years of hard work, it had a fleet that exceeded 80 transport trucks, including lobed and extendable, and many instruments for logistical work.

A clearance contract was obtained from Aluminum Company in Bahrain and the clearance branch of the company worked to clear the goods coming through the King Fahd Causeway. ALOTHMAN obtained a lease contract in the port of Dammam for more than 35 years and the contract was automatically renewed for an area of 20 thousand meters used for logistics.

In 1980, and after a thorough study of the market, the partners decided to expand the company's activities by establishing a commercial section aimed at importing and selling some products for oil and gas as well as supporting and providing companies operating in the field with their needs of equipment and technology that facilitate their work, particularly in the NDT - Non-Destructive Testing – market.

ALOTHMAN have signed several international agencies with many different companies such as Eddyfi Technologies, SciAps & Cygnus Instruments, good relationship have been established between Saudi Aramco and ALOTHMAN, as it provided services for the sale of NDT devices, in addition to importing some oil and gas equipment for Aramco, ALOTHMAN Co. continued in this field until it developed and entered The field of real estate and investment in the present time. 

Currently, ALOTHMAN Co. have been registered as L.L.C and at the helm of its leadership are – to this day- are Mr. Mohamed Al-Othman and Mr. Abdulrahman Al-Othman. 

We hope from God Almighty all the success and longevity in providing many public and private services and securing oil and gas equipment for many clients and customers in all regions of the Kingdom and the Gulf region and we ask of God Almighty that we continue contributing support and service for the nation.