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LED-V Bowtech- Teledyne Technologies

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20,000 Lumen Underwater LED Floodlight

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Key Features:
  • 20,000 lumens
  • Hard anodised aluminium
  • 80° wide beam angle in water
  • 6000m depth rating​

The Teledyne Bowtech LED-V-Series is a high powered underwater LED floodlight, with a 20,000 lumen output. The light features our latest LED technology.

Rated to operate at 6,000 metres ocean depth, the lights are manufactured with anodised aluminium, offering proven corrosion resistance.

The 80° wide beam angle light produced, is ideal for illuminating large areas for HD viewing tasks.

Bowtech LED-V-Series Product leaflet.pdf

HD Vision Systems for Marine Archaeology Expedition ROV Survey in the Indian Ocean

LED-V Bowtech- Teledyne Technologies

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