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LED-CL Chamber Light Bowtech- Teledyne Technologies

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Underwater Laser Line

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Key Features:
  • High lumen output
  • Low temperature operation
  • Long life, 100,000 hours approx
  • 70 bar pressure rated aluminium housing

The Teledyne Bowtech LED-CL Chamber Light is extremely safe and reliable, due to its advanced technology and innovation.

The light has 100,000 hour life and has been designed specifically for use within the Hyperbaric Diving environment, whether that is in Hyperbaric Chambers, TUP's, Diving Bells or even Wet Bells.

The lights are available in Dry or Wet options, which are then fitted with a helium relief valve to ensure the safe egress of gas, which may migrate through the sealing faces during compression, eliminating any potentially explosive hazard when decompressed.

The lights run very cool compared with conventional lights of an equivalent output; due to the use of highly efficient, bright LED clusters. They produce at least double the lumen output which removes the need for a heavy heat sink.

In chambers, the light is populated with a White and Red LED cluster to allow them to be remotely switched from white light for the waking hours and red light during resting hours. In bunk applications, an extended bezel is fitted to provide a focused beam. Either lamp can be fitted with an on/off switch.

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LED-CL Chamber Light Bowtech- Teledyne Technologies

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